S² Methodology

The S² Methodology:

At S Squared Executive Search, our business is designed around the specific needs of our clients. We take any guess work and luck out of recruiting. The total number of resumes you receive may go down, but the number of qualified candidates that move forward goes up. As a Hiring Manager or HR professional, you do not have the time to waste sifting through resumes that should have never made it to your desk. We understand that executive search is a service industry and we are here to provide solutions for your business.

Here are some of the ways the S² Methodology outperforms our competitors:

• We take the time and care to learn your culture, mission, phase of development, and specific technology. Our searches are tailored to your needs. We make it our business to know your business!

• We do not search through job seekers for those who might have the skills and background you need. We search for those with the skills and background you need and only then recruit relevant talent for your opportunity. Providing clientele with a pile of job seekers is not our idea of recruiting. You do not need to pay an agency for placing an ad on a job board right next to your own. We are compensated for our unique abilities and resources. At S² we proactively search talent from your competitors and/or transferable technology to recruit “passive listeners” with the specific experience that you are looking for.

• S² doesn’t just send resumes; we provide solutions for your business. We don’t send you every candidate simply because they have your desired job skills listed on their resume. At S² we carefully vet all candidates that appear relevant. We challenge them on their experiences and abilities. We also make sure they possess the intangible success factors that make them a fit with your organization’s culture.

• At S² we unearth any foreseeable issues preventing a candidate from accepting an offer. Be it compensation, commute, relocation or corporate culture. We work diligently to discover candidate objections before the interview process begins.

• We are highly specialized. At S² we work within the FDA regulated life science industries. This specialization creates a concentrated network of talent relevant to your needs. Whether it’s medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical, we are tightly connected to the life science community and we understand your unique challenges. We have long standing relationships with candidates specific to the life sciences that allow us to reach out to passive listeners at any given time. We have conducted thousands of searches for every aspect of the life science industries. Through our proven methodology, we know what it takes to obtain the talent you need!