S² Difference

Most Agencies:

Most recruiting agencies vying for your business today have the same goal in mind; to obtain as many clients and as many job orders as possible. In order to service any number of accounts, it’s all the same scenario. These agencies will cast as wide a net as possible to see what candidates they can fish in through ads on popular job sites and social media. This creates a vast candidate pool of job seekers which enables the agency to never invest too much time or resources with any one client.

The Impact to Your Company?

First and foremost, if these agencies do happen to get lucky, you may be paying expensive fees simply because an agency submitted a resume they received from an ad they posted right next to yours. What is it you just paid for?

When casting that wide of a net, most agencies are going to collect the same groups of so called candidates that Hiring Managers and HR professionals are all too familiar with:

• Those that aren’t even in your industry, desperate for a job and looking for a career change. These candidates do not have the expertise your company requires.

• Those in the right industry, but don’t have the expertise of the specific technology of your company.

• Those in the right industry and right technology but are either not at the right level or they haven’t been in the correct role.

• There are those few candidates these agencies are lucky enough to find that happen to be in the right industry, have the right background, the right technology, and also happen to be looking for employment.

So how does this specifically affect you? Often there are reasons these candidates are looking for employment and perhaps those reasons wouldn’t serve your company well.

Although many of the candidates that are obviously not a fit will be disqualified, most agencies will still be forced to deal with them instead of spending that time zeroing in on the talent you need. From large numbers of candidates, these agencies will send you as many resumes as they can that bare any resemblance to your requirements. They choose these candidates having a very limited understanding of your company’s technology, culture, mission, or phase of development.